Meet Morgan
This story comes from Kathy Daily, RVT.

Morgan was a throwaway boy; pulled from the El Dorado, Kansas city shelter; and taken in by a Golden Recovery - Retrieving Retrievers Rescue Midwest (GRRRR) foster family.  Morgan was a fence jumper, and shortly after being placed in his first foster home, his foster dad broke his knee cap and was unable to handle Morgan's fence jumping.

SO, Morgan came to Lynn and I to foster. Morgan was a counter surfer and fence jumper deluxe!  Even for us, Morgan was a trial and a tribulation!  But all the while, this big red boy was worming his way into our hearts!

We had never failed "fostering 101' by keeping a foster dog as our own.  But Morgan hit both of ushis happy go lucky attitude, his biddability, and his always wanting to make us happy. 

So Morgan came to stay. And, then I took a wild hair, and thought . . .show him!  And so, his career in obedience started!  And Morgan always makes judges smile. He is so loving, so kind. I've even had judges apologize for HIS behavior! 

A Companion Dog (CD) title is fairly easy to earn, for many dogs. But for Morgan, it is a huge accomplishment! From wanting to jump the ring fences, to play with the dogs competing in other rings, to following judges off, asking for a pet . .. Morgan is that Golden. The joke that asks,  "How many dogs does it take to change a light bulb" and the Golden Retriever answers "Who needs a light bulb, the sun is shining!" is our Morgan.

But, finally he has earned his CD...Companion Dog!  Next, I hope to gain his TDI, and he is enrolled for open OB classes this summer, AND agility! 

Morgan hasn't told us that Timmy is in the well. Morgan has just brought us love, and laughter . . .and the oh, so common words, "MORGAN, NO!"

Thank you to GRRRR of the Midwest for allowing Morgan to enter our lives!