Meet Snyder, Jenny, Bleu & Jackie

Jody and Bob Mazur are Golden angels who have taken in some very lucky seniors. They the kind of folks that Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary so very much depend on.  Here is Jody's story that we received on November 26, 2010.

Snyder (shown above), about 14-years-old, was picked up by animal control roaming the streets of a small town in the Sierra Nevada mountains of northern California. He was starving, in poor health, and would not have lived much longer. Because he is a Golden, Homeward Bound was contacted, and they asked me to transport him to their sanctuary near Sacramento, since he was in my area. I picked him up, and he is is still with me. Homeward Bound gave him vet care, and I provide the care and love he deserves. No animal should end their life alone, cold and hungry. Snyder is so happy to have a full tummy and a warm bed.


Jenny, Bleu and Jackie (shown above) were all foster dogs that I (and my understanding husband) adopted this year. Jenny, at 8 years of age, was at the Sacramento Animal Shelter, deemed for euthanasia because she was so scared they couldn't evaluate her. Because she is a Golden-mix, Homeward Bound was called and they saved her. It took months to gain Jenny's trust, but now she is such a happy dog.

Bleu was an owner surrender last summer from a bad home in L.A. She came in 20 pounds overweight, no hair on her tail or back, covered in poop and mats, and shut down. After two months at Homeward Bound, she was healthy enough for a foster home. It was love at first sight for me, and I adopted her. Today she is happy, playful, and has a coat that feels like bunny fur.

Jackie, at 9 years of age, was a stray in the central valley of California. She was at Homeward Bound for two months, continually being by-passed for a forever home. I needed a new foster dog, and wanted to get her into a home environment, so she came home with me. She got adopted shortly thereafter, but was returned to me after three months as their other dog fought with her. Back in my home, she is dog-friendly, happy, healthy and a great hiking partner. I didn't want to put her through another adoption, so I adopted her.


I also have to share a photo of Shamus (shown above). He was such a special boy I only fostered for three months last winter, as he had fast growing hemangiosarcoma. He was picked up in LA as a stray 40 pounds underweight. It was heart breaking. His tumor was so tiny, I thought I would have him longer, but it grew with a vengeance. Knowing this, he had his own carton of ice cream and enjoyed three or four McDonald's cheeseburgers on the weekends. Spoiling him in his last days was my mission!

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