Meet GingerGinger

Ginger was a stray. Lizzi found her two years ago, running loose. She was shy and nervous at first, but has turned out to be the best dog anyone could ask for! She loves adults, kids and animals - and even the vet - and is happy to do anything Lizzi asks of her. She is up to Novice level obedience, hopefully starting Open this spring. Ginger has also been through agility and flyball classes, and is now a Therapy Dog with Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy.

Everyone is surprised when told that Ginger was a stray, and no one can believe that someone would not want her.
But, I want to go to the prom!
Lizzi takes Ginger everywhere with her. She has been on every vacation Mom has taken these last two years - to Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota so far. This summer, they may be going to Georgia! Ginger even wanted to go to the prom with Lizzi, but as you can see here, didn't have a dress to wear :).

Recently, Lizzi found a 4-month-old Golden puppy in her neighborhood. Ginger, of course, was happy to have a guest, and a new friend. But he only stayed one day, as his owner was then found! Here's this lucky guy, whose name turned out to be Jaycee. Jaycee

Lizzi sent an update (August 20, 2000) about her Golden gem Ginger. Ginger's 3-year rescue 'anniversary' is coming up soon. It's on December 15th, 2000. And, she has already accomplished becoming a Chenny Troupe therapy dog. Ginger just passed their therapy dog test (which has a 70% fail rate) on her first try! She is now doing Animal Assisted Therapy at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

Ginger and Lizzi have also just joined NADRA, which puts on the Classic K-9 Show. This show includes agility, barrel racing, the high jump, and more. They hope to be in a show sometime this year (most likely in Rockford, Illinois in October).
Mountain girl
For summer vacation, Ginger and Lizzi went to Lake Placid/the Adirondacks in New York. Just look at this incredible photo of Ginger's first ever hike. It shows her standing at the 4,867 foot peak of Whiteface Mountain. They also got to visit R.C. Steele's HUGE warehouse store on the way there! I wonder how much that side trip cost them (oh my!).