Meet Buddi

This is my story about Buddi and how he has changed my life. I had been desperately searching for a Golden Retriever. After researching several typed of dogs and which one would be best for me and my family I decided on the Golden Retriever. What really made my final decision was watching a TV special on Oprah about a Golden Retriever that led a blind man out of the twin towers on 9-11-01. This Golden won my heart and that made me decide that I wanted one too!! 

I called everywhere, I answered ads, I spent numerous hours on the internet. Finally one night I gave up. I went to bed that night and prayed. I said in my prayer that this was no longer in my hands, that is was in G-d's. If it was meant for me to get a Golden then it would have to happen by him. The next morning I started calling different shelters to see if they had any Goldens or Golden mixes.  Unfortunately all I got were "No's." My last attempt was a call to Devore, California. I spoke with a very nice lady and she told me that she had three Goldens - one male and two females. I was out and in my car faster than you could say boo! She also informed me that a representative from B.A.R.C was coming over to pick them up! Fortunately I arrived first! 

The lady told me which pens the dogs were in and to go look at them. I originally had my heart set on a female. I went to the pens which had the two females. They were jumping up and down and barking. I could tell that they were mixes.  Seeing how hyper and out of control they were I was saddened. I then looked across to the other side and saw a dog sitting in the corner of his pen all alone. This was the male Golden. He was beautiful! He sat very quietly and was shaking. I asked to see him. They brought him out to a grass area for me to spend some time with him. He was shaking a lot and walked very close to the ground. He laid down as soon as he reached me. I began to talk to him and pet him. He then rolled over for me to scratch his belly. That did it! I fell in love! I didn't care about anything else, but wanting that dog! 

When I brought him home I took off his leash and he ran around the yard and pranced about! He was so excited! After spending about an hour with him outside I learned that this dog was highly trained! He knew the basics and then some! I did not know if he was housebroken, but I know that I wanted to keep him inside. After being in the house for a few hours he came to me making this funny sound, kind of like a chomping noise. I did not know what that was. It turns out now that is his way of telling me "outside". Everyday this dog amazes me with his talents and obedience! Who knww that on that day that my life would change! I knew that I was missing something and now I know what it was. My new companion Buddi. I have had him for a month and I am a much happier person! Buddi is no longer a timid, scared dog, but a happy outgoing "Buddi"!  He has a special place in my heart and I thank G-d for sending him to me! I now believe in miracles and prayers being answered, because mine were!  This is definitely a "Golden ending". Cyrena Davis, Highland, CA