Meet Breeze

Breeze and StormyThis is Breeze (lighter guy on the right) with his pal Stormy. Renée adopted Breeze in December 1999 from the county shelter in New Jersey. However, before Renée applied, Breeze was adopted by another family after being in the shelter ten days. Later, they returned Breeze to the shelter because he had a grade four heart murmur.

That is when the shelter called Renée. They left her a message stating that Breeze needs to be picked up immediately or he would be put down due to the severity of his heart murmur. Well, happily, Breeze came to live with Renée and Golden Stormy the following afternoon. He is managing fine, despite a cardiologist's later diagnosis of SAS.

Breeze, who is now about nine months young, is housebroken and knows some basics. He is having a good time attending dog school at Brandylane Dog Training, practicing with Renée everyday. Breeze is also a special part of the family. Now Stormy's brother, they have bonded very quickly. Renée is so proud of her 'two sons' as her parents are of their 'two grandsons.'

December 26, 2005 Update from Renée
Breeze & Gusto moved down to Florida last week with me (finally). We are trying to get our "new" home set up. In the meantime, we are staying at my parents' home. My parents are here along with one of my sisters, her husband and their two sweet little girls -- ages 9 & 11.

Breeze adopted me and his Bridge brother when Breeze was a crazy and wild 8 month boy. Lucky for me, Breeze turned out to be a GReat boy! Unfortunately, Breeze had severe SAS. However, Breeze lived everyday to the fullest and was always by my side. I am SO proud of my Breezey boy.

Breeze's doctor thought that I'd be lucky if Breeze lived to the age of two Well, today in sunny South Florida, Breeze and Gusto went for a long walk with me. Then, they played with their cousins and grandparents. Later on, Breeze and Gusto went swimming in the pool (heated) and ran around.

Next thing I knew, Breeze leaned against one of the chairs outside and collapsed. He had a heat attack. My dad called the vet who came over immediately (less than 5 minutes). My mom and I hugged Breeze; Gusto kissed Breeze, as did my dad.

Breeze lived a wonderful life, accomplished much and taught all of us a great deal. Everyday with Breeze was a blessing. Breeze will be missed by ALL of us; yet, I know Breeze is watching over us. Now, Gusto has to be a big boy.

My niece, Rachael wrote the following. She is 9 and so very sad, too.

The moon shines like every day but today is not the same. This day we light a candle for Breeze the best dog in the sky above us. He was vary thoughtful. He was always next to you (Aunt Rene'e) and Gusto. Rest in peace (Yesterday Gusto just jumped in the pool, and Breeze was scared so he jumped in after him without his life vest on he loves his brother and thought something happened to him.) Breeze is loved very much and will be huvering above us and giving good love to all of us who loved him vary much. He had SAS; he survived for 6+ years. Now he is happy he had a lot of wonderful times . That's why today people light a candle for Breeze so people get out a candle and light it for Breeze GOOD LUCK BREEZE -- YOUR THE BEST