Meet K-9 Molly and Lt. Tom Pletcher. Golden Molly is training in cadaver/human remains detection search.  

Her handler, Tom, is a  Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist with 14 years experience with Mental Health aspects of Disasters (2/2007). He works with the Sedgwick County Emergency Management K-9 Search Team that serves Sedgwick County and Wichita, Kansas and beyond. They provide search and rescue dogs to Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue Agencies.

Tom is the Sedgwick County Critical Incident Stress Management Team Member, and is CERT Certified as well as a CERT Instructor for Disaster Psychology. He has taken FEMA National Incident Management System courses in Incident Command and Management, further certified in Collapsed Structure Awareness.

Below are photos from their Disaster Dog Rubble Training Field and Agility Course. While we may not relish investigating the hole in this rubble, our furry companions probably think it is too cool for words.

Tom & Molly take a break after a Human Remains Search on the pile.