Lisa Poslock, of Reading, Pennsylvania, has this very special tale of her Pappy Boone to share. We are so happy to share this with folks as this boy is 17 years & 4 months of age (as of May 24, 2004). And, that is some feat given the fact that this boy has had some recent scares (dental surgery that was needed caused a cardiac arrest in late March, 2004). This photo of Boone with his patriotic bandana was taken at the age of 15 years-10 months. The rest of the pictures of Boone were taken at age 17 swimming and playing at a lake near Lisa's home.

"Boone is truly a Golden wonder. His nickname is 'Pappy' Boone as he keeps my youngster Goldens in line, but loves them up like a grandpop! Boone was born in Florida on January 27, 1987. His family moved to Pennsylvania when he was about four years of age. His family divorced and Boone was given up to the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue here in Pennsylvania as no one wanted him when the family separated.

Boone was later adopted by a nursing home in the Lansdale, Pennsylvania area where he lived for eight years. I met Boone there when he was 12 years of age. He was depressed, sad, and VERY fat, actually 150+ pounds when I met him. He never had dog food while he was at the nursing home. Instead, he got table and tray scraps and LOTS of junk food such as Kentucky Fried Chicken and pizza. I was at the facility as a nursing consultant and was devastated by how this dog was cared for or should I say not cared for ... especially by medical personnel.

He was matted and his nails were curled under as they were so long. People ran over his legs, etc. with their walkers and wheelchairs since he could not get out of their way fast enough. The Director of Nsg had responsibility for him when she remembered. Early on we got into some discussions about Boone's care, but she blew me off.

Boone started to take to me almost immediately. The 11-7 shift could not believe that he would wait by the elevator as soon as it was dawn, waiting for me to come in. I would potty him and spend some time with him. This went on for a few weeks or so. I brought him dog food early on and insisted they use it. His caretaker then broke the news. They were planning to euthanize him as soon as she had time to take him to the vet, saying "He is too old to move anymore. He is very ill with arthritis." I remember it was a Monday when she told me this. I was devastated. She had plans on taking him that following Saturday. I then asked if I could take him home to have him groomed Thursday. Thankfully she obliged and I took him home Thursday, NEVER NEVER TO RETURN ... NEITHER OF US!!

I gave up a lucrative contract with them for my boy. I got him home and called the rescue and had their lawyer call me back as an emergency. I had her intercede to revoke their adoption. She was wonderful and revoked it due to care issues and placed him as a foster with us until we were approved for adoption. Needless to say, we were approved and he was ours. I had him to the vet the very day after I took him home.

We have several steps to get up to our house so my hubby and I had to put a towel under his belly to get him up the steps. He took to us immediately. HE was so loving and so caring. He got along so well with Sassy, who is my Golden now at the bridge, Opus the flat coat, and all the cats. Most of all, he was sooo appreciative of ALL we did for him. The vet results showed that his labs were okay, but he needed to lose weight. He is now 95 pounds and stays around there. One happy pappy and one lucky family!

This pappy just LOVES this floating ball. It is one of those planet balls. He just retrieves and retrieves. Despite his cardiac arrest, I do have my ol pappy back, just as agile and happy in the water as he ever was. This photo was from an inlet of the lake called Stilling Basin.

And, don't you love this water ballet? Golden Baylee is on the left as you look at this, and Golden Snickers is on the right. They look in sync, don't they? And Boone looks like a manatee!"


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