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to the world's largest Golden-inspired website! Since 1997 we have strived to help others strengthen and proactively lengthen the bond. Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit additionally provides cancer treatment grants for working dogs and funds research in comparative oncology.

Golden Partners for Life: Loyalty at Work
In his introduction to the book, Chicken Soup for the Cat & Dog Lover’s Soul, renowned veterinarian and writer, Dr. Becker, offered this affecting commentary “Our pets lend a touch of grace to our lives. They teach us the real meaning of unconditional love and bring out the kindest and most generous impulses of humanity.”

Modern medicine has also discovered the remarkable power of our canine companions to detect, treat and cure a host of diseases and conditions. There are Goldens who can sniff out cancers; others who can sense when their human is about to have a heart attack, seizure or panic attack; and, many who provide a safe passage in the world for the physically or emotionally challenged.

We believe there are some unrivaled reasons why Goldens are the most utilized breed in the assisted-animal therapy and assistance dog communities. They have an intuitive sensitivity to emotions, and thus ability to cut through our often misleading veneers to get to the truth within. Honestly, their ability to read their human companion's thoughts and feelings make them seem almost magical.

Goldens want nothing more than bonding with people—often described as leaners as they seem to crave a physical closeness to us. They have an eagerness to please, their tolerance of discomfort and forgiving attitude allowing them to remain both gentle and patient when working with those who are compromised. Further inspiring confidence in others, they are ultimately primed to calm the anxious, bolster the insecure, and lift the spirits of the depressed.

Golden Features

There are many fields of endeavor for our Golden kids.
They assist the blind, the deaf, the mobility-challenged, and the medically compromised.
They bring cheer to the lonely and our sometimes forgotten seniors.
They lend their superior olfactory skills to a multitude of search & rescue vocations.
They serve as good-will ambassadors, displaying skills in multiple areas.
Their attachment to humans and human endeavors contributes to their acts of heroism.
Loyalty is seen in the dedication provided by our true champions of rescue.