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Golden Retrievers Cheering the Soul
Life can be a difficult course, as there are no guarantees. And, yet, what would our world be like without laughter and love? They are actually important means for survival, and there could be no better teachers than our dogs. Their living life with wild abandon and smiling from morning to night is the safest and best prescription available.

Alan Conway, explains it so well when speaking about his beloved Guide Dog Perkins: "Perkins has been known to run laps through the  house before flopping down on the floor, head first and rolling around as if to tell me how much he enjoys just being silly. I can have the worst possible day at work, but he sure knows how to turn things around."

And, Golden lover and rescuer, Wendy Young, shares her Izzy's instructions to a Golden dude on how to take possession of the couch from his dad:

"First, go over and lay your head on his lap or tummy. Be sure you look very sleepy with droopy eyes. Sighing deeply will help your cause. If all your Dad does is pet your head and tell you what a sweet boy you are, go on to step two."

"If step one fails, jump up on the couch and stand over your dad. Pant heavily while standing over him. Drip a little doggie drool on him, it might make him get up to wipe it off. If not, before he tells you to get down, go to step 3."

"Lay down on top of him, flip over on your back and wiggle down between him and the back of the couch. A few pushes and ta-da, Dad is on the floor. Don't worry too much about the glares and few choice words your Dad will have to say. He will get over it very quickly. Squeeze your eyes shut and pretend you went instantly to sleep."

"Chances are he will look at you and start talking about how sweet you look sleeping on the couch, run for the camera, take your picture and post it at the Land of PureGold for all to see. This works every time for me."

Golden Features
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