BIS, BISS, Am. CH. Celestial Sirius Jake CDX, JH, WC, VC (OS, SDHF)
1994, 1995, 1996 Top Twenty Golden    1996 Judges Award of Merit Westminster Kennel Club

Don't I look great on this book cover? Come buy me!Jake is a beautiful 11-year-old male with an impressive multipurpose pedigree. He accomplished his CD title at 13 months of age, in three straight shows, placing in the ribbons every time. At 16 months he breezed through his Junior Hunter title again in four straight tries. He passed the WC the first time out, and his CGC on the first try. At the age of two, Jake went BOW in Odessa for his first two show points. He went home to grow up a little and train for his CDX and SH. He grew up before completing his CDX and SH, so he went back into the show ring. Jake finished his Show Championship in style taking only seven weekends and adding three BOB's and a group 2 to his achievements. He again returned home for Christmas, and then went back out to finish his Show Dog Hall of Fame where he consistently took BOB's over other specials and multiple Best in SpJake winningecialty shows. Jake finished his Show Dog Hall of Fame in 2 1/2 months, and returned to the obedience ring to finish his CDX in five shows."

Jake is partially trained for his UD and SH. He also has a Judges Award of Merit from the Westminster KC. And, his group placement points put him in the top 100 Goldens ever. This multi-talented dog is a joy to live with. He has tremendous personality, a keen desire to please, and has great style in the field. Jake is a solid, athletic Golden, weight approximately 78 lbs. and stands 23.5" tall. He has good bone, a beautiful head with a lot of expression, solid topline, nice reach and drive, clean movement viewed from any angle, and a correct tailset and carriage. He is extremely well-balanced and light on his feet. He has good depth of chest and a lot of rib with short coupling. He has full dentition and a scissors bite.

These lines generally mature slowly and most puppies will be two to three years old before being ready to show. Jake was good at three and better and better at 4 and 5. There is also a lot of longevity in these lines.

Jake seems to be producing vigorous, outgoing puppies. His movement is being seen in his kids, along with his balance and good foot timing, bone, head, solid topline, dynamite rear (strong and well muscled), wonderful attitude and tremendous working ability.

Jake kids seem to delight in water (drinking with their ears floating on the surface), are afraid of nothing (one followed his owner up the ladder to his roof, much to the owner's surprise), are very mouthy (one son doesn't like his tennis ball dirty so when it gets dirty he dunks it in the water bucket until clean, then plays with it until it gets dirty and repeats the process), and love birds with intensity.

We love Jake on the cover of this book from several years ago. Don't you?