Golden Heroes

Here is the entry that was received from Andrea Hebda for her 4-year-old son, Richie. Here is how Andrea introduced this submission: The following story is told by Richie, who is 4 years old. Richie has a Great-Aunt Lori who lives in Arizona with her husband, Dave, and their beautiful red golden retriever, Brandy. Here is a picture that he drew of Aunt Lori and Brandy. I think it is sooo good!

Aunt Lori is a quadriplegic and Brandy is her assistance dog. Richie has always loved books and stories, and, as is evident by his story, he is fond of Fairy Tales. When I asked him if he wanted to make up a story about Aunt Lori and her helper-dog/best friend, Brandy, he said, “sure” and immediately started off with “Once upon a time…”. What you will read below are Richie’s EXACT words. As Richie told the story, I was writing down every word and I think he thought I was writing a letter, as he addresses Brandy and Lori directly sometimes.

Brandy and LoriA 'Furry' Tale
By Richie, age 4

Ritchie and Golden Brandy

Once upon a time where there are cactuses. Brandy helps Aunt Lori open the door. The cactuses have sparkles and prickles on them.

Brandy helps Aunt Lori grill. Aunt Lori can’t use her hands and her husband grills for her. His name is Uncle Dave.

It’s really nice of her to help Lori, thank you Brandy.

Brandy, I know you like your stuffies a lot. You can play with them whenever you want to. Brandy, I know you like your pillow a lot too.
Aunt Lori and Golden Brandy

Aunt Lori is happy when Brandy sits by her and looks at her face. I love Aunt Lori and she has pretty hair.

Brandy at Work!Brandy keeps Aunt Lori safe from strangers when they walk at the park. When Aunt Lori gets tired, Brandy pushes her in the wheelchair

Brandy, I know you pull open the door with the rope with your mouth. Brandy, I know you close the door with your nose. I know you must be very strong.

Aunt Lori, here’s a special message for you, Richie loves you very much. Happily ever after.