Golden Heroes

Here is the entry that was received from Teri Wilson. This entry was written completely by my son, Cameron, age 12. He is entering the middle/senior category as he will be in 8th grade in the fall. Cameron wrote his entry about our family's Golden Retriever, Wilson's Lady Penelope C.G.C. "Nellie". She is two years old [in 2004]. 

My Golden Hero, 2-year-old Golden Wilson's Lady Penelope CGC "Nellie"
By Cameron C., age 12

My Golden Retriever, Nellie, is my hero. I wish that she would never die because she is my best friend. I love to run around the back yard with her and get her excited so that she squirms and wiggles with glee. Sometimes I ride my bike around the neighborhood with her running alongside me. Her beautiful golden fur waves in the wind. But none of these things are the reason that she is my hero.

Nellie is my hero because she cheers me up whenever I am sad. She is always happy and active. I love to cuddle up with her on my beanbag chair and watch movies with her.


I am not the only person that Nellie helps, though. Nellie is a certified therapy dog with Paws for Service in San Antonio, Texas. My mom takes her to visit elderly people and children who are sick with cancer in the hospital. One time, she even went to visit the Brook Army Medical Hospital on the military base at Fort Sam Houston. She visited with soldiers from Iraq who had been shot, burned or hurt protecting our country.

Nellie always brings a smile to the people that she visits. They forget their suffering, even for a little while. Many people think of Nellie as a hero, but she will always be not only my hero, but my best friend.