Golden Heroes

MacyHere is the entry that was received from Amy Barnum of Carl Junction, Missouri: I am writing to you with my entry for my dog, Macy. Officially, her name is "Kyle's Golden Macy" and she is a two-year-old female. Macy is not a certified therapy dog, however, she works miracles every time she steps into my classroom. She goes to work with me each Friday at Carl Junction Primary 2-3. I am a special education teacher working with kids that have learning disabilities. Not only has this been a wonderful experience for the students, but for Macy as well.

When Macy first started "reading" with the kids, she was very timid. When I say timid, I mean scared of everything! But, going to work with me each week has brought her out of her shell and she loves on everyone she comes into contact with.

I had too many pictures to choose from with Macy and the kids, so I decided to try to make a collage. In the center is Macy's official school picture with her Carl Junction Bulldog shirt and her staff tag. She will be honored by being put on the staff page of the annual yearbook this year!

This year I have tried to document improvement in the children's reading fluency and have found that not only do they almost always attend on Fridays (even if a party is going on!), but that their words per minute are increasing. They go to a quiet place in the room and lay or have Macy lay on them while they read. What I've noticed is that Macy calms them, makes them smile while they're reading, and occupies their busy little hands while they read.

As you can tell from the pictures as well as the letters each child has written, they truly love her and want her to win. They want to buy books and bean bags for the classroom, and a dog bed and treats for Macy.


Macy is a good dog. I love Macy very much. She comes to our school.

Her job is help us read. She loves us. Macy is the best dog in the world.

Macy friend Adrian D.

Macy helps me with my reading.   I Licke it when macy reads with me.   I licke it when
Macy curls upon my lap. Other schools should have reading dogs like Macy because she
helps me want to read Colton

Macey Licks all of us. I wish Macey would because She is  a good dog to us. She lets 

us pet her and read to her. She likes to lay on us. I love macey.   Tammie S.


  I like Macy in Mrs. Barnama's room because  she helps me read because

  whin I read to her it macks me feel good. Amber

Macy is very nice to kids. She listens to you read. She is very shiny and soft and sweet. 

She Loves us and protects us. Macy is very cool. I would not know what to do with out 

her. Savanah

I like Macy because she's cute. And she pants.  Macy gives me a friend to

read to. And, I like Macy because She's soft. Macy is cool! Jake

I thik that Macy shod win be cos shes speshul to the school in Carl Junction

and her job is to linse to us read and see how we work and she is a helpful dog.

Macy's oner is a good Teecher and I an wonting Macy to win the coputishen.  

  You'r Frend Justine

I think she should win a lot of toys and bones. I think she is fun sometime she is

so coot. Macy likes to paly with toys   she onley has a ball   Faith C.

Macy is cool. She is fun to play with. I like her  becausae we git to read to her.

Wen we had a play Macey had to jump on Mrs. Barnum   it was  fun. this is way

I wont her to win.   Trevor