Breaker is doing well but he's making me worry a bit. He's not been eating very much at all. His breeder told me to give him about a cup of dog food 3 times/day with ground beef 2 times/day. He has only eaten almost all of it a couple of times...the rest of the time it's just a few bites. Then a few days ago I noticed his stool was getting looser...and there was what looked like a bit of blood at the end of it. Then yesterday he had an accident in the house and it looked like it was just mucousy blood! I was so scared. I called his breeder and she said that if he's had diarrhea that his tummy could be a bit raw and that could cause the bleeding and that she had a pup that was still there that had a bit of blood in his stool. She told me to fast him for 24 hours and just give him water. It was so hard because he kept wanting our food. Then I was to give him some rice and a bit of his dog food this morning. He ate some of it. He's always so eager to eat but then never eats that much. He may have eaten half of it. He's so bossy when I'm prepping his food, barking and being silly. He's still full of energy and then sleeping like a log, but his behaviour seems fine and he doesn't seem sick.

I checked his stools from last night and they were still loose but I don't think there was blood in them, but they looked like there was mucous in them. I just can't deal with this after having Koda be so sick for the last few months of his life. I don't want to have to deal with a sick pup now. I was hoping to have smooth sailing this time. ~ Brandi (August 2005)

Oh me oh my! I'm soooo tired today. Poor Breaker was up nearly every hour last night whimpering to go out. He had diarrhea! He had it a couple of weeks ago, too. I fasted him for 24 hours, then started him on rice and slowly reintroduced him to his regular diet. I took in a stool sample and it was negative for worms. That last bout he had also had some blood and mucous in it. This time around it's just very loose stools and frequent. The Vet last week said he was healthy and that it could have just been something he ate or a change in the water or just something he picked up when we were out and about.

I haven't fed him anything since dinner last night. Looks like he may have thrown up a bit too in the early evening after dinner, but not since. He hasn't had diarrhea for a little while now probably because I haven't fed him since early evening last night. I have been changing his kibble from Puppy Chow to Eagle Holistic and noticed that once I started adding the Eagle that his stools firmed up even more so I thought he was adjusting well and then WHAM! I hate having to fast him since he's not really on the chubby side. He's still full of energy and doesn't seem out of sorts.

I'm hoping it was just that maybe the changes in the food got to him. I've been feeding his kibble (now a mixture of the 2) with boiled ground beef, brown rice, and yogurt. I did notice a bit of mucous in some of the stool from last night but not allot and it was in the stool that was passed earlier this morning when I think he probably didn't have much left to pass.


Personal response to Brandi on August 26, 2005

Brandi, I do not like to meddle when it comes to dog rearing. Rather, I am much more comfortable providing information about various health and feeding practices, for example. I do not know if you looked at my pages on these areas but have to say that the food you began your new puppy Breaker on scared me. And, then when you talked about how sick he was I thought that the food was definitely a component. I think the types of things you are feeding him (boiled ground beef, brown rice, and yogurt) sound okay but wonder about the kibble you have used (I know you went from Puppy Chow to Eagle Holistic).

Both those kibbles have questionable ingredients that I discuss at my site. It is not normal for a pup to have so many episodes of diarrhea and now vomiting. My only experience with that in a pup translated into food allergies and resultant gastrointestinal distress.

I am surely not the authority on any of this but do try to engage in much reading on the subject as I feel feeding practices can be critical to the well-being of our Goldens. My expert in the area is Suzi Beber, who has been doing much work with dog foods and formulating diets for dogs evidencing specific needs. There is a food that she raves about that is made in Canada Please let Suzi know about what you are doing with respect to feeding and what Breaker is experiencing.

I know that when Breaker got ill it brought back so many memories of Koda. He has only been gone a few months, so I know how scary it can be. I really want you to have better luck with this Golden and for him to be both healthy and happy. Suzi is a gem and I am privileged to know her and count on her for her tremendous guidance. Anyone that I have sent her way is always grateful. She just cares so much for this breed. Please contact her and be prepared to tell her everything and anything you've done since day one and even before (what the breeder fed him, etc.).
Golden-ly, Rochelle


Message from Brandi Received August 27, 2005
Hi Rochelle,
I just wanted to say thank you for sending me Suzi's email address. She got back to me right away and I already feel a sense of peace. What a wonderful soul she is, as are you! I know we will figure this out for Breaker. It just amazed me how some people just feed low quality foods though and never seem to have a problem.

I will never be able to thank you enough for all that you have done for me through your kind words, emails and especially the Land of PureGold. Hugs, Brandi and Breaker


Message from Brandi Received August 30, 2005
Hi Rochelle,
Thank you so much for putting me in touch with Suzi. She has convinced me to try West Coast Canine Life for Breaker and has been a tremendous help and support to me. After emailing Canine Life, Joanne from Canine Life emailed back and she too has been incredible to deal with. She was even willing to help me develop a home cooked plan for Breaker if I found the pre-mix too costly. To start me off she sent me a couple of recipes to try with him now so I can get him off the Puppy Chow.  She's also sending the first bag to me and not charging shipping. They both obviously believe in the product and love Goldens as much as I do.

Joanne is sending out my package today and I can't wait to get it and see how Breaker does. He hasn't had any loose stools for about four days now but I know he'll really start to thrive on Canine Life. Thank you again. I have met the most incredible, generous people through Land of PureGold. Hugs, Brandi



I received this message from Brandi September 3, 2005
What a gift you gave me Rochelle by passing me along to Suzi. She has been a comfort and a huge help to me. Joanne from WCCL is amazing as well and it so evident to me that their hearts are in what they do. Their passion comes through loud and clear.

I just can't believe that Suzi who doesn't know me at all has offered so much of her time and knowledge to help me figure out what's upsetting little Breaker's tummy. And then there's Joanne. I'm amazed that someone who sells a product is so concerned with how it works out. She is willing to work with me to create a blend especially for Breaker, whether it's changing the pre-mix or helping me to choose which fresh ingredients to add and what herbs will help his tummy. She even sent me recipes that should help calm his tummy until I can start baking 'muffins' for him. 
My package of WCCL arrived today with my calcium supplement for Breaker, and Joanne even threw in some homemade WCCL treats for him that he already sampled and devoured. I won't start baking for him until I can talk to Joanne next week and find out exactly what I should be adding.
Thank you for stepping in and guiding me to these two amazing women. I believe that you, Suzi, and Joanne are really angels here on earth for our beloved furbabies. Hugs, Brandi


Brandi's Writings September 28, 2005
Breaker hasn't had diarrhea or any tummy troubles for almost a month and that is a huge relief for me. I was so incredibly stressed those first few weeks with him and just couldn't bear the thought of having an unhealthy pup. But I do believe it was food related. And, of course, I would be the one to get a pup with a sensitive tummy.

I believe it was a blessing in disguise because had he not had problems now he would have continued on his kibble, and I'm thinking we would be having big problems down the road. Now I know that he is getting an excellent quality food and is thriving. It's a bit of work but well worth it.  Brandi

Brandi wrote the following on January 7, 2006 in response to her guy's new page
I had  no idea my little boy was going to be on this wonderful page!  Thank you!  It looks wonderful. So many cute pictures. I hope that Breaker's page will help others that are struggling with what to feed their Goldens or have Goldens with health issues. I believe in this food with all my heart. It's a bit of work, but well worth it to see how Breaker is thriving now. The support I've received from both Suzi and Joanne has been tremendous. I now consider them friends. We stay in touch on a regular basis, and Suzi's been sending pics of Rainey and her pups!

Christmas was sure a whirlwind here! The boys all had a great time and were spoiled of course. Breaker was wonderful. He was so good when we were opening presents, and he enjoyed opening his presents too. I got what I wanted, a food processor to help with making Breaker's food. It makes it so much easier to be able to do everything all at once. This December photo shows Breaker and buddy Jake having a snuggle. Hugs, Brandi

NOTE: You can learn more about West Coast Canine Life (which we use as well for our Goldens Darcy & Alfie) by clicking here. A portion of the sale of this food is provided to the Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund, set up through the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College Pet Trust Fund.

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