Our Darcy definitely thinks it is good to be queen!

Golden Grooming
Isn't our Darcy something? That darling haughty look would get us every single time we saw it. So many folks ask about how their Golden can look more 'Golden.' Well, we have to admit it does take practice, and attending a breed club's grooming seminars is really critical. That's what we did (actually with Erik Strickland) and it provided us with the information needed to buy the correct equipment and actually do a respectable job.

See that sweet smile on Darcy's face as Groomer Greg works so diligently.Another excellent way to learn is to watch the masters. That's really easy to do.

Just go to a local dog show and find out where the Goldens are being shown. You should see loads of grooming tables nearby being primped. It's also helpful to search through the dog show grounds for those folks with Goldens as they oftentimes are found grooming their dogs at their trailers. They typically don't mind folks watching as long as you don't touch! Just compliment them on having the most beautiful Golden you've ever seen and how amazed you are at their grooming talents, then bemoaning that you could NEVER become as agile as they are at this special art.Darcy thinks Groomer Greg is still okay in her book!

Sometimes we let Greg Wessel, professional handler, do wonders on our kids, as he used to live very close to us in Maryland.

Here is Darcy down in his basement on the grooming table being worked on. And, yet, look at that adorable smiling face of hers. And, look at how pretty that one, obviously finished, ear looks! You can tell, that even though she doesn't love to be groomed, that Greg is still okay in her book. Just look at that face as Greg cups her hand.

While the following grooming how-to pages are not the same as attending a grooming hands-on seminar or watching a professional groomer/handler in action, they do provide some useful tips.

Golden Equipment and Accessories
Purchases help fund Cancer Treatment Grants for working dogs

Every dog owner must have an Oliver's Paw Paw to do nail grooming the easy, safe & painless way. Want to know what grooming accessories we use and recommend? Well, we use Chris Christensen's grooming products including her painfree (for user and dog) slicker and oval brushes, and Roseline shears. 

We love to discover natural organic products for dogs and their people. Bath products are typically laden with detergents and chemicals, but not this new 2008 line from Aroma Paws. This company manufactures natural eco-friendly and chemical-free dog grooming products.  Aroma Paws considers their product line "eco-friendly essentials", and shies away from using the word "spa" in their products. "Frankly, though the products are amazing and indulgent, we don't want to consider this a treat. Using safer, more earth conscious products on ourselves and our animals needs to be a way of life," says Joe Guzman, the firms President. "We've found a way to bring the spa experience home with the rich fragrances from essential oils, combined in an exciting new way."

Find every one of our recommended and personally used products here.