Gotta Dance Film: Get your Name in the Credits
For a donation of $25, folks could get their name in the credits. Check out all of our wonderful supporters below.

Thanks so much to our current thoughtful supporters . . .

Abigail Cane
Adrienne Jackson
Alan Conway and Golden Guide Dog Perkins
Ollie, Darcy, Alfie, and Cindy Lesser
Alice Miller
Alice F. Huddleston
Alisa Scott
Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc.
Alyson Fuge, Jacaranda Golden Retrievers
Andrea Beeler and Ginger
Andrea Wall
Andrew Marek
Andy Marek in memory of Munchkins
Angela Meeks
Aiyana Lea
Ann Grannan and her dog Angel
Ann Kohlhepp xoxo
Anne Mattson
Animal Gifts and Graphics, Sam Connelly
Ann and Burley
Ann Horenstein, in memory of Jake
Ann Southcombe
Arlan and Barbara Pfohl, and Golden Morgan
Art Vanderbilt and Vanderbilt Books
At Ease Pet Sitting LLC, of Bothell, Washington donated to the making of this film.

Barb Justice
Barbara Davis, BADDogsInc
Barbara Gibson
Barbara Green
Barbara Perrin, In memory of my precious little brown girl, Ruby
Barb Haiduc
Bay Auto Wholesale, Virginia Beach, VA
Bear Trotter (Best GrandDog ever)
Betty Burkett
Betty Welch
Bettye Dudley
Bob & Jody Mazur, and their Golden Girls
Bonnie Fergusson
Bonnie Saxenmeyer
Brenda Bass
Brenda George ─ Hearts O' Gold (Am and Eng. Golden Retrievers) Ocala, Florida
Brenda Smith-Allen
Bruce and Pat Everhart
Bubbles, Jed, Zoey and Mr. Boomer Kirshbaum

Carol Berber and Hank
Carol Semple with love for Tucker, Bentley and Rusty
Carolyn Zagami ─ For the Love of Lily, Leo and Connor Zagami
Catherine Morales
Cane' Doro's Calabria Bella Friend
Carol and Bailey Davis
Carol and Rick Machovec, Bama Golden Retrievers
Carol Rock
Carol Winkel
Carolyn Kreider
Carolynn Hotz
Catherine Smith ─ Golden Retrieve "Mandy" age 12 , Goldnluv Kennels, Woodstock, Ontario Canada
Cathy Deloreto
Cathy Hivner and dogs ─ Kenzie and Becca
CEO Pookie, Canine Executive Officer
Cindy Hicks and Dusty
Charlene Kennedy
Charlotte Wilson's Greyhound, Keeper, He never danced anywhere but in my heart but he was my perfect partner there.
Cheryl and Fred McLean and Buddha (cancer at 8 years of age), Thud and Willow of Clearwater, Florida
Cheryl Olvera
Chris Shames and CCI Service Golden Gabe (pictured above)
Christine Clark ─ In Memory of Kimo
Christine Courtney
Christine Miele
Christopher and Christine White and our precious Golden, The one and only, Rocco. He's our pride and joy.
Christy Powers and Higgins
Cindy and Sandra Tingley-Herrera
Cindy Criswell in honor of our precious Golden, the One and Only, Tipper Emily
Cindy Hicks
Cindy Oates
Cody Levine in honor of his Mom's birthday
Colby Vidrine ─ In Memory of Ranger....roo, roo!
Cooper Kismet Powers
Corie Fink
Cory Ragland
Cynthia Affolder with her Golden named Honey and her Chow/Aussie Mix named Randee
Cynthia Morris


Dainy Calhoun and Kramer Mister, friends of Golden Carly Brown
Darrell Seever ─ Crimson Divinity of LaCrosse
David Patrick
Dawn Miklich, in memory of Torri and Dazs
"Dez Ann" German Shepherd Rescue NorCal
Deborah Bar...with Nicholas, Spencer, Honey, Puppa, LittleGirl and Missie
Deborah Chandler
Deborah Ward and Fergus
Deenie Harris and Sugar
DeVona Dors
Donald R. Selvy, freestyling with 4-year-old Golden Toby, Tucson, AZ; donation in memory of Golden Misty, who died of cancer of the tibia
Donna Becker/Terry Clark ─ Sara, Annie, Cooper, Sam in heaven
Diane, Brad, Chica and Daisy
Diane Shotwell and Raven ─ Golden Paw Assistance Dog Club
Diane Laratta, Hollowell Kennels
Don and Suzanne Schaeffer ─ For all the Goldens we've loved: Ruff, Pebbles, G.T., Dimples, and Bently
Don E. O'Brien
Donna Demain-Craig
Donna McKibben Cutler, Thistledown Golden Retrievers
Dr. William Horn
Dynessa Nordrum

Eileen and Mark Keller and Amber and Josey ─ FOR Brandy and Ernie
Eileen Curran
Ellen Froot ─ Winmil Kooikers and Training
Elizabeth Migchelbrink
Elizabeth Reid
Elizabeth Shames
Emerald City K-9 Freestyle Dancers, Carolyn Money and Pat Moore, Founders
Emma Weissenborn
Esia Ackley

Faye and Bill Stec and in loving memory of their beloved Tipper and Keesha
For Leann's Emmie
For Cindylou and Polar
Fred Chuang and Chance ─ Bill Pyrch and Katie
Freemason Inn Bed and Breakfast, Norfolk, Virginia
From Aunt Marie ─ In memory of Ed Baggott
From Jamie for Boxley
From Krissy and John Flannery on behalf of our Golden Retriever, Puff, and her sister, Tori (German Sheppard). Puff was
     diagnosed 3 weeks ago with Malignant Histiocytosis, and sadly, is coming to her journey's end. We will miss her.
From the Turners, for Tonzi and Gus, loyal dogs
From Tom Lord ─ In memory of my best friend, My Golden, Chantal

Gail C. Bajda ─ In honor of Linsey and Casey, my loving Goldens. All my love and support.
Gaye Geiger's Della
Gail Hallas  
Gayle Langland
Gayle Roberson and Poco A Poco Poodles
Gazn Golden Retrievers loved by Felice and Jim Haggerty
Georgia Kennedy, Golden daughter of author, Patricia Kennedy
Gerald and Sandra Knight ─ Golden Retriever Rex
Gina Lyn Hayes, Just Dogs Training Center and Cape Cod Obedience Trick Club (owners and dogs!)
Ginger Dodd's companion, Chloe
Glen and Shirley Coles ─ In memory of Rookie
Glenlaurel Goldens
"Golden" Bentley Lehbauer
Golden Chase Ruch
Golden Missy and Marie
Golden Retriever Foundation
(Golden) Roxi McGhehey
Good Luck! Cindy and Madison Folding
Greg Korycki

Ingrid (Longruns Northern Lights)
In honor of Adrienne, TC, and Knuckles Stasny
In Honor of Bear III, Canine Companions for Independence Service Dog
In honor of Gus, Buckwheat and Larry
In honor of Lily, Golden Jessie and Golden Shadow
In honor of this great team, we were blessed to have enjoyed their bond. — Valerie Robson and The Conifer Colorado Crew
In memory of our dearly loved grand Golden boy who bravely fought Lymphoma, the Paysons
In honor of Rockerin's Brian Boru (Bru), a dog with no hip sockets and the biggest heart in the world. Bru's newest challenge is
      overcoming cancer. So we've decided we've just Gotta Dance for as long for as long as we can. Penney Johnson
In honor of Tara and Mitchell Cavanagh for making their Mom so proud
In Loving Memory of Aisha ─ the most wonderful dog ever
In Loving Memory of Elbert Rushmore Kilgour
In Loving Memory of Michelob, Genesee and Spring
In loving memory of Mitch's Heartdog Max
In Memory of Betsy, The best dog EVER — Lisa Jump
In memory of Dustie (my Golden) who beat cancer and also for DJ and Buddy, Love, Your Mom Judy Hutton
In memory of Hunter Danchi ─ With love from Mike
In memory of loving seniors Red and Boomer McIntyre
In memory of Marnie Delano's beloved Teddy
In Memory of our Golden Angel "Toby"
In memory of our Golden, Tess ─ 2003, from Rick and Becky Keltner
In memory of Rookie, may he dance forever in our hearts. ─ Katherine L. Tracanna
In Memory of Scooter
In recognition of Hunter Barnett
Inner Strength Martial Arts, Plano, Texas
Israel Rosencrantz

Jacqueline and Dice
Jacqueline Wahlers
Jacqui Robinson
James Seretis
James Shutt
Jan Hatheway and Topbrass Brandy Fizz
Jane Masterson, Canis Sapiens Dog Training
Jane Rodriguez and her girls
Janet Canfield
Janet K. Bramhall, Beau Geste Golden Retrievers
Janet Liesen and in memory of "Linus"
Janis Musante
Jamie Holtz ─ Happy Birthday, Boxley!!! I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate his birthday than to take another (#2)
      stand to find a cure for cancer─the thing that killed my beautiful "golden" boy in 1995. I miss you every day!!
Jamie Holtz, in loving memory of "Boxley"
Jeff Davidson and Teri DiMarino, GroomTeam USA
Jesse and Samantha Lotz
Jesse James Karry
Jill Schilp and Junior
Jo Stallings
Joan Clark
Joan Olvera
Joann Monfort, Carla Amstutz and Diane Laratta, Hollowell Academy of Dog Training
Joann Monfort, in memory of Wylee, our first Rottie
Joanne Alderman
Jody Mazur
JoEllen and Max Bazat
John Macco
John Rasmussen ─ In memory of Tippy and Gremlin; and, of Curly, Chelsea, Cassie, and Molly
Jordan Morgan and Furry Pals, Toffee and Fred
Joyce Mayer
Joyce Morgan Dog Training Center of Austin, Texas, in honor of Carolyn Scott and Rookie
Joycelyn Schedler for Nikki, Quill and Gunner
J. S. Robinson Company, in memory of Bear, the wonder dog
Judi Ford
Judith Azaren in memory of Domino
Judith Hiller
Julie Hernandez ─ You are both an inspiration to the world!
Julie Lemson
Julie Tirinnanzi

Karen Killian, The Watermark Studio
Karen Avery McClure
Karen Gray
Karen Brand
Karen Hall
Karen Lewis | Reba, Sequoia, Bryce
Karin Schoradt
Katherine Tracanna
Kathy Anne Harris
Kathy Hastings ─ Alaska Your Way
Katie Tracanna, and Sammy and Wiley Coyote
Kathy Stevens, For (our dogs) Pearl, Sasha and Shelby and (our cat) Samantha
Keeping the bond alive ... Maryanne, Fly, Griffin, Taylor and Amanda Susan, JetBlue, Piper and Scooter
Katly Brown, loved by mom Marti
Kevin, Christina and Golden Alfie Hooke
Kim & Bill Mill = Cheyenne
Kim Davis, Dog Mom to Luke, Indiana, Jennie and Stitch
Kimberly Johnson
Kodiak Gilden

Lamar S. Zimmerman
Laura Asbill ─ In honor of Carolyn and Rookie, who inspired me. With thanks to Patty Wiedeman who teaches with passion and a sense of humor
Laura Asbill ─ In honor of my best friend and dancin' partner, Belle the Wonderdog
Laurel Rabschutz
Laura Randall
Laurie Kaplan
Leann Pickering
Lee and Elizabeth Painting, Painting Golden Retrievers
Lee Ann Moore
Leslie Ray, Angel Pet Sitters
Lesley Stafford
Lilli D. Kusiak, VMD, in loving memory of Colonel, my golden, furry soulmate
Lily Cavanagh
Linda Cane
Linda Franz
Linda McDonald, in memory of beloved Golden, Corrie
Linda Sonntag
Liz Murray and Jeff and Lynn Galindo, with Goldens Jessie, Jasper and Bogart, and Poodle Ollie
Lisa Neyer, BarkBusters, Beach Cities, CA
Lisa Poslock and 18-year Golden Pappy Boone
Lori and David Michaelson
Lori, Gino and Bello Cacciatore, in memory of Keesha and Hunter
Lori Weber, Mom of two Goldens, Chevy and Lilly
Lorraine E Plagge's Loki, Goddess of Banner Mine
Lynn Huizinga
Lynn Ungar, Coretta and Taz
Lysee Kierstein ─ For the shining golden of our life ... our Sophie, 8-years-old and the love of our life

Margaret Lamb
Margaret Petracca
Margery Cavins, DharmaDog ─ 129 S. Washington St., Sonora, CA 95370
Margot Eisenberg
Maria and Peter Bourboulis
Marian Brown, Holistic Health News
Marianne McCormack
Marie Christianson and Wildfire's Will He or Won't He ─ "Woodie"
Marie Hansberry
Marilyn Lazarus
Marilyn Williams
Marilyn Williams and her Golden Retrievers, Murphy and Ginger
Mark Rapp
Marsha McIntosh
Martha Callaghan
Martha Glenn
Marti Brown
Marti Brown and Rochelle Lesser, honor 9th birthday of Golden, Friendship Darcy Makena
Marti Brown and Rochelle Lesser, honor 6th birthday of Golden, Mystic Lord Alfred Tennyson "Alfie"
Martin Friedman ─ In the memory of my sweet boy, Romeo who we lost to cancer
Mary A Cicco-Kuper
Mary Ann Wood and her dog, Lacee
Mary Ellen Lunde
Mary Fiala
Mary Johnson
Mary Jane Rizzella ─ In loving memory of Maggie Dubitsky's Golden Paddy, who fought a valiant battle
Mary Wallace
Melanie Wood
Melissa Harless ─ Merrygold's Mov N Full Throttle
Mike and Mary Ortiz
Michael and Alice Miller's Millerwood Farm Goldens, honoring Millerwood's Gold Treasure Therapy Dog
Michelle Keating and Harry Oakes, International K-9 Search and Rescue Services
Mike Kush ─ Our sweet Angel's name was Kody.
Mohit Ramani, in memory of Golden Jenny
Molly and Wesley Wilcox
Mostly Goldens, Taz and Brandi Rodrigues
Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne T. Brown

Nancy and Joe Vencl along with Emmett, Otis, Ozzie and Thomas (all Goldens)
Nancy Hannaford and Emmitt
Nancy O'Sullivan
Nancy Webb and Rusty
Nike, Murphy, and Marcia
Nora Wilcox
Nora Wilcox and Mary Jane Rizzella ─ In loving memory of Milton F. Ottesen, beloved father of Marnie Delano

O'Tannenbaums Westminster Antique Mall Booth #66: 433 Hahn Road, Westminster, MD 21157

Paganini Mayer
Pam Martin/Top Dog ─
Pamela Patton and Therapy Golden Polar
Pat Morrison
Patricia Morrison in memory of Silver
Patti Branch ─ Schoolhouse Goldens
Patty and Goldens, Spot and J.T., Taylor Nebraska Animal Rescue, Lincoln, NE
Patty Kennedy, Bailey Bymyside
Paula Lasalandra and her 3-year-old male Sage
Paula Rawson
Paula Riddle
Pauline Stevens Lisa and Ken Ruch
Peter Cataldo
Pet Hunters International and Missing Pet Partnership

R. Jardon ─ I Love the "Grease" video...I play it often and I ALWAYS SMILE!!
Raeann Lewis
Rascal, the Maltese
Rebecca Kragnes
Rebecca Stotts, for Kess, Waldo and Gracie
Remembering Dickie, Sappy, Marlin and Cleese
Retriever Associated Industries in memory of Kayla, from Mary Johnson and Pat Gonser
Rhona Daldos ─ In loving memory of Oakley
Richard Donnelly
Richard Swaine (For Lizzie)
Robert and Sheila Johnson
Robert Slifkin
Robert Tetreault ─ In Loving Memory of "WOODS"
Robyn Carol Beeler─Nichols and Buzz
Ron, Judy, and Jacob Nichols
Rose Cervenak
Roxanne Scully, Reilly, Chappy, and Caelan
Roxi and Bubba McGhehey
Rusty Griffith and Cynthia Pring, for Scout, Prydwyn, Hansel, and all the good dogs

Sally ─ for Pretzel, Sam and Jessie
Sally Frankel, Salnick, Inc. Web Designs
Sandra and Gerald Knight ─ Labrador Retriever Abby and in loving memory of our companion Golden Retriever Sonny and rescued Yukon cancer victims
Sandra Davis' Dancing Dogs Video
Sandra Nordstrom, and in loving memory of Sutter Creek Cherokee Charly
Suzan Morris and Golden Logan, My Wonderful Dog (Assistance Dogs for People with Disabilities)
Suzi Beber, Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund
Steve B. ─ I will try and support your great cause as much as I can. Don't ever stop trying to save all the Goldens (and friends) you can.
Sonja, Gracie and Nicholas Davis-Darois
Shirley Julin, Best Friends Dog Training
Shamrock Valley Blue Tobias (doing well after leg amputation due to cancer)
Seamist Goldens ─ 143 Plymouth Street, Bridgewater, MA, Breeder/Owner/Handler-Joni Clancy
Samm and Gracie Miller
Sharon Funderburk
Sandra Gere
Sherry Shumaker
Soda Webber
Sherri Bergner
Sheryl Lucas
Susan Bill
Sharon A Fischer
Susan Kaplan
Scott and Sally Evans
Shannon Bass
Sharon Golding, in memory of Mishka Petracca
Shendl Diamond ─ The True Story of Critter Angels
Sierra Nevada's Golden Lager
Sue and Moose Brown
Sharon Colvin and Golden boys Catcher and Chilly

Tamandra Michaels for Borias, my heart dog soul mate who loved to dance, taken by cancer. Forever dancing in my heart.
Teresa Batt, in loving memory of John Macco's Golden Tyler, rescued 1999 and with him until 2005, age 14
Terry Batt, for Katrina, in celebration of our life together
Terry Batt, in loving memory of Wolfgang
Terry Batt, to celebrate Callahan's new life
Terrie Palmer, for beloved dogs Odie and Destiny
The Afton Goldens ─ Hudson, Pippin, Bonnie and Grandma Dixie
The Charles N. Easterly Family
The Golden Girls ─ Dolly, Molly and Ollie Boy
The "Hounds" Mr. Maloney, Suzie Q and Red Rusty
Thomas Kolpak ─ Our B.J. a 7-year-old Miniature Schnauzer has been battling cancer, lymphoma since 12-26-03.
     This contribution is in his name. It will be his 2 year Anniversary present!
Timothy and Lisa Reynolds of Vero Beach, Florida
Tina Barker, For Jewel and Morgan
Tom and Sue Callahan, and Goldens Daisy and Toby
Tree Stokes
Tucson's Sonoran Canine Freestylers, Loren Jensen-Carter, Founder

Valerie Robson
Vicki Hagopian ─ A whole new world opened up for me and my 'golden boy Tyler' after being mesmerized watching
     Carolyn Scott and Rookie. What an inspiration!
Vince and Fran Kovalcik with Am/Can CH Millcreek Long May She Wave WC "Banner"

Wanda and Megan Foster, For (our cat) Ralph
Wayne Turner
Webshire's Royal Expectations AKA Duke (just starting to learn freestyle) and Mollie and Keely, Windham, NY
Wendy Morrell and Service Golden Caesar
Well Beings Senior Cat and Dog Products ─ Dedicated to promoting healthy natural products for cats and dogs focusing on the special needs of our senior pets.
Wendy Young In honor of her Goldens, Lady Izabelle De La Hunter CGC TDI and Hope's Desire
Wendy Young ─ In Loving Memory of Sir Stanley Von Growler
Wolf 6, Fox 5, Scout and Maggie

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