Sweet Dreams

In a feature article, entitled “Following the Golden Brick Road” that I wrote for the 2003 Golden Retriever Annual, my very first Golden experience is described:

I was hooked that afternoon. Hopelessly and forever hooked. I had walked down a flight of stairs into a Golden heaven of sorts—a litter of soft little fluff balls all scurrying about, this way and that. Could there really ever be anything as drop-dead gorgeous as these eight-week-old Golden puppies? I doubt it. Nothing could compare to the vision that greeted me that day. And, once seated and cuddling wildly amidst a chaos of fur and licking tongues—with adoration flowing in from far too many Goldens to count—I instinctively knew life would never again be the same.

I was never warned about the Golden obsession that can take over once exposed to such unconditional love. Intoxicating for sure, but addicting just the same. So, now with Golden pawprints forever stamped on my heart, there was understandably no turning back.

This addiction has resulted in an insatiable desire to capture true Golden love and emotion on film. And, in February 2004, I had the luck to photograph this chubby litter of three 5-week-old puppies. Loads of wonderful apparel, stationery & art items (in full color) with these three charmers can be found at the foundation's CafePress Shoppe.

Janet Cain's drawing

My delicious photo of three Golden tots deep in slumber became the 4th print in Janet Cain's Golden Collection of Limited Edition Prints. I came up with the perfect title for it as well: Sweet Dreams. This is what Janet had to say about my photo: “As an artist I see many photos and on that rare occasion I find a photo that I know has that magic, something special that says yes, this is the one. Those of us who have seen our own puppies in soft slumber know how they melt our hearts.”

"Sweet Dreams" is also the second tapestry in The Golden Collection. It is 100% cotton and machine washable, an ample sizing at 54" x 72". I adore mine, of course!


Ch. MY SkyWatcher "Hubbell" Ch. Spicewoods Lyric Opera "Lyric"

It would be pretty tough for these little ones (now named Jackson, Lena & Blossom) not to have been so darling given their lovely parents. They were bred by Greg Wessel, of Winterset Golden Retrievers, and Carolyn Durway of Spicewoods Golden Retrievers. The sire to this litter, shown here on the left, is Marsha York's Ch. MY SkyWatcher or “Hubbell” of MY Golden Retrievers.

This photo was taken at the Golden Retriever Club of America's 2002 National Specialty Show 2002 where Hubbell was chosen as Winner's Dog and the Best of Winner's. And, shown on the right is the dam for the litter, Carolyn Durway's Ch. Spicewoods Lyric Opera “Lyric” of Spicewoods Golden Retrievers.                       

Your choice — turn off music or keep on.