Canine Cancer, Recognition & Memorial Card Giving Program Donations

golden retriever puppy
Click on the Golden puppy to hear about our mission. Your tax-deductible donations support the Land of PureGold Foundation's ability to fund cancer treatment grants of working dogs and comparative oncology research that benefits both people and companion animals. We promise that one-hundred percent of these donations are solely used for funding cancer treatment and research. And, you can specify in your donation order whether you want the money to go to funding cancer treatment for a working dog applicant or to the bigger cause of comparative oncology research.

Want to support our funding of comparative oncology research?
Comparative oncology is the study of those cancers that occur similarly in people and companion animals in order to identify treatments and cures that benefits them both. A distinction to comparative oncology research is the fact that disease is never induced in the animals being treated. That is, the cancer has only occurred spontaneously. Humans and dogs have been linked in a mutually beneficial relationship since the Stone Age, when man and dog first joined in the hunt. Dogs share our homes, food, and affection. As it turns out, they also share much of our genetic code and suffer from many of the same kinds of cancer. That's why the clinicians and scientists of the Animal Cancer Care and Research (ACCR) program at the University of Minnesota are joining with dogs in another type of hunt—the search for a cure for cancer in both dogs and humans.

"Veterinarians have known for years that humans and their dogs have many types of cancer in common—non-Hodgkin lymphoma, prostate, lung, breast, and bone cancer, and melanoma, to name a few," Dr. Jaime Modiano explains. "Yet, it wasn't until the dog genome was decoded in 2005 that scientists could begin to reap the rewards of studying cancer in both dogs and humans to their mutual benefit, bolstering the emerging field of comparative oncology."

Want to support our funding of cancer treatment for working dogs?
Our grants are $1,000 per individual full-time working dog partner, the reimbursements provided directly to respective veterinary personnel for oncology related expenses in the United States and Canada. All breeds/mixes may apply. Applicants MUST have been active, full-time working dogs at the time of cancer diagnosis, in the areas of assistance, detection, search & rescue, enforcement, military work, or full-time animal-assisted therapy dogs in assisted living homes or providing therapy in a professional setting (e.g., working with a speech, physical therapy, or occupational therapist; working in a school 5 days weekly; etc.).

There are 3 different types of donations:

  1. Cancer Treatment Fund Donations (Helps to support our $1,000 grants to working dogs)

  2. Recognition Donations — Both Honoring and Memorializing Others (ability to specify whether donation to fund cancer treatment or cancer research)

Click here to see our many donators.

Recognition Donations — Both Honoring and Memorializing Others
This is a wonderful way to support our cancer treatment and research fundraising efforts. Amounts of $10 or more should be donated here. Please specify whether you want the donation to fund cancer treatment or cancer research. And, include in your donation information who the donation is to recognize, and the message which you would like included. In that way, we can acknowledge him or her below.







Dr. Bruce Jackson, a wonderfully caring veterinarian, who is currently battling Stage 4 metastatic cancer. Dr. Jackson once commented that he would love to see advances in cancer detection, as his cancer was diagnosed too late for a cure.    Aimee & Michael Gross
Katly . . . Marti & Joe Brown's new Golden puppy   Carla Bowley
Katly . . . Marti & Joe Brown's new Golden puppy   Pam, Sharon Calhoun, Herb Dainy, Kramer & Allie
Katly . . . Marti & Joe Brown's new Golden puppy   Carole & Charles Alderman
Joe Brown Jr. Happy (2009) Father's Day   Anne & Joseph Brown
Golden Police Enforcement K-9 / Search & Rescue Dog Robin — We are praying for a complete recovery. Mary and Robin, you are BOTH in our prayers. Good Luck!   Gina and Bob Abel
Golden Police Enforcement K-9 / Search & Rescue Dog Robin — Good Luck and wishes for a speedy recovery. I know how hard it is. I lost my Lhasa Apso 'Brittany' to cancer 4 years ago in 2006.   Michelle Schenck
Golden Police Enforcement K-9 / Search & Rescue Dog Robin — Robin. I saw your story on the news and wanted to help. Keep fighting!   Valerie Donhauser
Golden Police Enforcement K-9 / Search & Rescue Dog Robin — G-d bless you both and know that we all love you. You're my hero, Robin. Be strong!   Sylvia Donahey
Golden Police Enforcement K-9 / Search & Rescue Dog Robin — This is in honor of Robin, the K-9 Police Dog from Salamanca, who continues to fight thru his treatments. This gift is from our 2 beautiful Golden Retriever girls, Romey and Riley, who by G-d's will are healthy, for which we are so grateful, but this gift is for Robin and all other dogs, who need help to get back to a full healthy and playful life.   Matthew Walter
In honor of Martha "Marti" Brown's Birthday   Anne & Joseph Brown
In honor of of K9 Donatello (Don). The best friend and partner I could ever ask for.   Brian Miller
In Honor of Chuck "Bud" . Through death comes life. You lost your battle with cancer and in doing so have a chance to help another battle theirs.   In Like Flynn Fountain of Woof
In honor of Margot Eisenberg   Margot Eisenberg
In honor of Audrey's Concerto   Audrey Mak
In Honor of Therapy Dog Rylee. I have a very good friend and her name is Joan Richter. Her 8-year-old Standard Poodle, Rylee has prostate cancer and I would like to honor Rylee with this donation. I understand they received a grant for some of Rylee's treatments from here. I hope that I can help a family pet with my donation. Thanks  Jo Swanto Jo Swanto
In honor of Eddie, our beloved 10-year-old Golden, who died of a hemangiosarcoma.   Kay Parr
In honor of Jody Mazur, who has helped so many Goldens find their forever homes.   Kathleen Thomsen
In honor of Dreamkeeper Goldens   Christina Degazio
In honor of Rylee Richter, best pal of Joan Richter and a most wonderful dog to all who knew him.  ̶  From sister Polly and family of 1 hubby, 1 dog, and 3 cats.   Paula M Brouwer
In honor of our Golden Katy who died of pancreatic cancer, Max who was a Golden rescue, and Maggie who is our healthy 6-year-old Golden and a registered TDI.   Susan Long
In honor of Jim and Kathy Thomsen. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season. May 2017 bring you and your fur kids good health and happiness!   Bob, Jody, Mini, Lucy & Chloe Mazur
In honor of Marti Brown, of Virginia Beach   Tina Barker
In honor of Andrew Bryant, a friend and artist in the music community who pointed out this wonderful foundation to thousands of music fans around the country.   Fauvearts
In honor of Andrew Bryant and HomeRun Pizza.   Chris Reinke
In honor of Maggie and ADNB pin collectors.   ADNB
In honor of Miles.   Kathi Sanger
To Diana and Wayne Maberry and the love they have for their Goldens past and present.   Carolyn Brehard
In honor of Scout and her mom, Colleen.   Mary Beth Richardson
In honor of our Wilson, he brings joy and live to our hearts everyday.   Patricia Holland
In honor of Kathy Thomsen. Merry Christmas!.   Jody Mazur
In honor of Jody Mazur..   Kathy Thomsen
In honor of Jody Mazur..   Kathy Thomsen
Thank you for helping us and the many dogs and handlers before us!   Liz & Jonah Salyers, K-9 Payton
In honor of "my little Marcy"   Violet Noranbrock
 Land of PureGold Foundation Cancer Treatment Working Dog Fund Donation   Paula Bartoletti
In honor of Wilson. We are thankful for everyday with him.   Patricia Holland
In honor of Haley. HALEY, you are missed by the health care workers who knew  & worked with you.   John Ferguson
In honor of Wilson, still walking 1.5 miles per day at 12 years old!   Patricia Holland
In honor of Wilson Holland, 12 1/2 years young thanks to the Land of PureGold Foundation's help 8 years ago!   Patricia Holland
In honor of "Haley" and her work at Cardinal Hill Hospital, TBI Unit.   John Ferguson

(Golden Retriever) Rookie Scott
Marti Brown
Red Lite Babon
Frances Reyes
Luca . . . Beloved Pet & Friend to Ellie, George & Elena
Eileen Brennan
Stephanie Lawson
JoeyYou were a most extraordinarily skilled and special friend to your beloved partner, Don.  You were always there to help Don every day as well as pull him through many rough times. You always had a smile on your face and a ball in your mouth. I hope you are romping around Rainbow Bridge, chasing squirrelsor lizards!
Marilyn Lazarus
Richard Brown, beloved brother of Joe Brown

Tommie Pochard
Richard Brown . . . Beloved Son Joseph C. Brown, Sr.
Mr. Tiaba . . . We miss you everyday. David & Rosie Brown
REB . . . You are forever in my heart. Ronnie Brown
(Golden Retriever) Carly Brown — Our family is deeply saddened by our loss. Carly was much loved by all of our family. We will always miss her. Joe & Anne Brown
(Golden Retriever) Treynor — My best friend and companion left my side on November 24, 2008 due to cancer. Rick Zimmer
Beloved Maggie . . . who adopted us 10 years ago today [7-10-09]. We miss her still and will always love her dearly. Arlene and Paul Mechetti
Our beloved Rudy on what would have been your 8th birthday. Your precious soul made our lives the brightest they could be. We miss you so much and will always love you with all our hearts. Happy Birthday sweet baby Rudy!! XOXO William Kapsalis
Beloved companion, Morgan Muldoon 08/03/95 to 11/15/09 Christine Muldoon
Bob Gates: You are the love of our lives and you touched many peoples' hearts from Lake Elizabeth, to the Assisted Living Facilities you visited, to the kids who read to you in the library, and the friends you made at the local pet food store. We will miss you forever.  [Read more about this special boy's work here.] Mom & Dad Cheryl and Henry Olvera
Beloved companion, Maggie Arlene Mechetti
In Memory of Golden Retriever Rookie Thomas McNally
In Memory of Floppy forever in my heart Judith Gintz Aminoff
In Memory of Sam of the silly smile Judith Gintz Aminoff
Pour les Goldens de ma vie Floppy, Zoe, Sam, Andy, Tanya Judith Gintz Aminoff
In Memory of K9 Dudley of the Maryland State Fire Marshal's Office John Brazil
From Mom, in memory of Whisper Linda & Michael Lindorff
For Buddy who has recently been diagnosed with sarcoma. Elizabeth Parker Author of Finally Home
In Memory of Buddy who passed away from Sarcoma on August 24, 2010. He will always be loved and missed and will remain in our hearts forever. Elizabeth Parker Author of Finally Home
In Memory of Zednick, a loyal and devoted companion. You will be forever in our hearts! Nancy Mintzer
In Memory of Skye, loving companion to Liza Cowell.
Dear Liza 
— Jim and I were very saddened to hear of the passing of your companion, best forever friend, and love of your life Skye. Please know that you are in our thoughts and we will light a candle for Skye each night and remember how much she will always be loved. Our prayers go out to you at this sad time. To have had the privilege of sharing over 12 years of your life with Skye is to have known what unconditional love is all about.
Joanne Johnston and Family
In Memory of Bear, loving companion to Family members, Gillian, Dan, Theo and Stella Pontes.
Dear Gillian, Dan, Theo and Stella
We are so very sorry that you lost Bear. He was the sweetest boy and we always enjoyed how glad he was to see us. So many things about him reminded us of our precious Maggie. He was lucky to have such a wonderful family and such a loving home. I hope he has met Maggie. I know he will like her and she him.
Arlene and Lad Mechetti
In Memory of "Brando" Barone — the best dog ever! Mommy, Tessio & Sophie Barone
In Memory of Ed  —  He was a sweet boy who will be missed by all. He was the loving four-legged son of Kajsa and Johnny and the fur-brother of Al and Sweetie. Joan Buttafuoco
In Memory of Kitty "Sweetie" who passed away August 10, 2010 Debbie Klein
In Memory of my beautiful, forever Golden girl, Annabel May, 5/21/2000-9/2/2010. Thank you for years of love. (My true, lovely, brave, noble, girl had a meningioma.) Susan Dickinson

In Memory of our wonderful Golden Angel, Rudy, on what would have been your 9th birthday We miss you every day and love you forever. ~ Love, Mommy and Daddy

William Kapsalis

In honor of your beautiful Lilly who brought you joy along with sorrow. May the joy be what you remember most. Love to you both and Shea....

Patti Varney
For Buddy, our sweet angel who passed away last year. We miss you every single day. Elizabeth Parker Author of Finally Home and Final Journey
In Memory of Hank's wonderful big boy, Junior — We know this loss is heartbreaking and terrible. We are so sorry, and send our love. Helen and Stan Mayer
In Memory of Officer Don, a wonderful, heroic and loving canine officer. He will be sorely missed. With love, Aunt Jan   Janice Joyce
In Memory of my darling friend Sandy Moody's Lab, Dusty, who left her side on December 24, 2010. Susan Dickinson
To Gail and Paul Wold, in Memory of their boy, Forrest. May his love remain a part of your hearts forever. Cindy & Carol Devore
In Loving Memory of Radar. Michelle Kopcho
This is in honor of my CJ, who was taken from his family too soon. He was just about to turn 7. We love you so much CJ. Your goofy, loving spirit will be missed by so many. Aimee Quemuel,
In Memory of a loving Golden Retriever who lived to 16 years and 2 months of age. Jo Ann Frazier
This one's for Ginger, and her best friend Kirsten. They were made for one another, finding each other when they each needed it the most. They travelled together inseparably, experiencing things each other might have missed along the way; Kirsten memoralizing it all on now precious film. It is with great courage now that they have gone their separate ways. I will miss that little gal, the cheesehound, the lithe and athletic Golden Greyhound.  ... May Kirsten find peace in Ginger's everlasting comfort. Leslie Batter
In Memory of our precious Rudy, who would've turned ten today [Nov 18, 2011]. We lost him two years ago to cancer...a wonderful life taken much too soon. We miss you more than ever and will love you always. Mommy & Daddy William Kapsalis
In Memory of our beautiful boy Rudy Kapsalis, who would've turned eleven today [Nov 18, 2012]. We think of you and miss you every single day. You live on in our hearts and we know your gentle spirit watches over us. We'll see you again someday sweet boy. We love you so much. Mommy, Daddy, Tommy & Zeus XOXO William Kapsalis
In Memory of Maximus, Cara's Darlin'. He will be loved and remembered forever. Helen & Stan
In Memory of Floppy and Sam, forever in my heart Judith Gintz Aminoff
Kerry (Golden Retriever). In memory of our dear girl who we lost to cancer on the 9th Feb 2009. Love you always. Wallace and Rosalind
In Memory of my beautiful Golden, Breece <3 . . . gone but never forgotten!! Cynthia Lyons
In Memory of HUNTER TAYLOR and all his FRIENDS who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge before and after him. Susan Hausler
In Memory of Maple. There is not a day that goes by that we do not miss our "Maper Dapers" Tania Korman
For Jean Stone, In loving memory of Beaux San Lori Conkle
In Memory of Sydney, Golden Angel Mary F Robinson
In Memory of Sampson. Run run wild, run free precious Angel. Your star will shine forever in the night skies... With much love, Chloe and Lucy Krystyne Lewis
In Memory of Jenny Mazur. Rest in peace sweet Jenny. We'll meet again someday over the bridge. Kathy Thomsen
In Memory of Cindy Lesser, the cat who ruled the roost (at the Land of PureGold). Jody Mazur
In Memory of Rochelle's beloved cat Cindy, a wonderful companion (at the Land of PureGold). Kathy Thomsen
In Memory of Rylee, Joan's beloved poodle. Mary Ann & Lydia
In Memory of Rylee . . . my buddy, my agility dog, my therapy dog, and my very best friend. May we meet again over the Rainbow Bridge. Love, Mom Joan Richter
For Dee, and the Marin sisters. In memory of all who have loved us, fought this disease, and wagged all the while Jennifer Schloming
In memory of Joan Richter's Standard Poodle Rylee. Yvette Paquin
For my very special friend wild and free precious boy! Krystyne Lewis
In Memory of Sweet Jackie, who really enjoyed life, and taught us how to enjoy it too. We will all meet again some day over the bridge. Love, Kathy Kathy Thomsen
To honor Molly Bear who was much too young to leave us. Love, Sally and Al Sally Gould
 In memory of Alfie. His spirit lives on through LOPG and all those he made smile. Love, Jody Jody Mazur
In memory of Rochelle's beautiful, special boy Alfie. I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Kathleen Thomsen
In loving memory of Alfie, whose sweetness will always be remembered. Love from Helen & Stan Helen and Stan Mayer
To Kathy and Jim Thomsen: Bless you for rescuing Cody when he was a youngster. He couldn't have had a better forever home! I know you will miss him dearly, but have wonderful memories to stay with you always. Love, Jody Jody Mazur
In memory of Alfie. Suzi Beber
In memory of Alfie from Goldens Pebbles and Kira Taniguchi Susan Taniguchi
In Memory of Skyler the Skypup and Alfie, The Mush Faced Boy. Steve Harlin
In memory of Alfie, Halo, Blue, and Blue's mother Breezy. Joyce Byers
Rochelle, to Honor our dear friend Angel Alfie.....xo Lynn Huizinga
In memory of Barney, Tanner, Isis, and Alfie John Rasmussen
In memory of Alfie. Patty Kennedy
In memory of Alfie. John Dibble
In memory of Alfie, and my own 2 Goldens Kerry and Emma who also had cancer. I lost them in 2009. Hope this helps a bit with the research. Rosalind McMinn
In Memory of Rochelle Lesser's Alfie Gayle Cooley
In Memory of the mush face Alfie Lesser. I will never forget you! Also in memory of my golden retrievers that have passed on. Missing you Daisy, Jasmine, and Sassy. xoxoxoxo Tina Diedrichsen
In Memory of Trixie Waldron. Run wild and free precious will live forever in all those who had the joy of loving you! Krystyne Lewis
Happy birthday sweet Rudy!! We miss you everyday and you will always live in our hearts. Wish you were here to meet Tommy and the new baby boy on the would love them both. We love you!! Mommy, Daddy and Zeus William Kapsalis
In memory of Bleu. You were so sweet and so beautiful, and loved by so many. We really miss you. Kathleen Thomsen
In honor of my beloved Rylee, whom you helped a year and a half ago. I lost the battle with him, but your help was extremely welcome at the time. I would like to have my donation go to help treat another dog with cancer. Joan Richter
In memory of Pebbles, Sally's constant service dog for the past 9 years. The cancer returned and you just looked so tired. Your pawprints will forever be in our hearts. [Please visit our page on Pebbles and her journey. Just click here.]
Sue Taniguchi
In memory of Jackie Jolly who lost the fight against cancer. She also loved goldens, and started a wonderful Facebook page for all golden retriever lovers to share friendship and stories about their wonderful dogs. Thanks for the amazing work you do.
Rosalind and Samuel McMinn
In memory of your beautiful Sadie. How lucky for you both that you were brought together . . . it was meant to be. She will be missed but never forgotten. With love, Susan & Ellis Susan Motin
Happy birthday to our dearest Rudy. We love you so much and miss you everyday...your memory will always be alive and we were so blessed to have you. XOXO sweet boy William Kapsalis
Miss you lots Pebbles, you are always in our hearts.  [Please visit our page on Pebbles and her journey. Just click here.] Sue Taniguchi
In memory of my best friend, Rylee, and to help other dogs with cancer. Thank you Land of PureGold for your much appreciated help with my beloved Rylee's care.  Joan Richter
In memory of my very special dog, Rylee, who brought so much joy to my life, a small donation to help other dogs as you helped with Rylee's cancer treatments. I'll never forget that day on May 1, 2014 when Rylee lost his battle with prostate cancer. AND I'll never forget talking to you on the phone. With your kind words and encouragement, you helped me get through a very difficult time in my life. I just wanted to say "thank you" once again for your support, the grant for Rylee's prostate cancer treatment, and what you are doing for so many dogs. Your website is amazing.  Joan Richter
In loving memory of Maggie...Andrew and Callie's companion, who so touched lives that she is forever memorialized in Andrew's art, so all can share in the joy and love of a departed family member. "Best Dog Ever"  Roger Ostrovecky
In loving memory of Hannah.  Margot Eisenberg
In Memory of my Sweet Sam.  Catherine Paul
In remembrance of Faith and her daughter Hope. Service dogs and breeding dogs for Helping Paws.  Kimberly Pape
In memory of Pixie and Mochi Levy, lost too soon to hemangiosarcoma. Irene Levy
In memory of Dusty. Leslie Lesser
In memory of CH Amberglo’s Spontaneous’Combustion CDX, RAE, BBTD, CGC “Frisco”. Bonnie Rubin
In memory of Dante, a miniature schnauzer who made us laugh and filled us with joy and will stay in our hearts forever. Jill Schilp
In memory of Max. Janet Barringer
In memory of Hunter and Sammi. Suan Hausler
In memory of J. F. McIvor and John Bear Carter Marti and Joe Brown
In memory of Honey & Rusty Mary Pajot
In memory of Ellie Bell Pickering. We lost Ellie Bell to hemangiosarcoma in May 2018. We miss her dearly. Leann Pickering
For all the wonderful Goldens in my life and others’ who have been lost to cancer. Let’s find a cure! Lorene Schramm
In memory of my best friend, Joan Weintraub, who gave me my first Golden Sam. Catherine Paul
To Charlotte our almost 17-year-old Golden, one special young lady never to be forgotten. Greg Korycki
In memory of my beloved Lola, who was taken away from us on February 1, 2019 due to Hemagiosarcoma on her heart. Bobbi Roberta Reed Eller
In memory of Haley, ".the most intuitive and compassionate canine that I have had in my 50 years of Poodles." Dr. John Ferguson
In memory of my friend Liz's beloved dog, Obie. Joan Richter
In Memory of HALEY, our Standard Poodle: You are missed by the Traumatic Brain Injury patients at Cardinal Hill Hospital. Dr. John Ferguson
In memory of Derby who enlightened the lives of everyone, everyday. Susan Simpson
In memory of Y'att and Tucker. There are no words,Debbie. I am so sorry. Brandy Powers