PAWS Working Dog Evaluation©
To see if your dog has what it takes, here is Jona Decker's PAWS Working Dog Evaluation. The evaluation tests for Possessiveness, Attention, Willingness, and Strength.  
Unlike the Puppy Aptitude Test, developed to evaluate good "pet" temperaments, this test identifies and evaluates the components of good "working dog" temperaments. Trainers need to use the dog's possessiveness and drive to train. But without attention and willingness to work for the handler, the most driven, possessive dog is useless. The Puppy Aptitude Test is used as an initial indicator, and pups that perform adequately move to the PAWS evaluation. Depending on what activity the puppy is intended for, more weight may be placed on certain elements of the test.

  TEST 1  Prey Drive    Using age appropriate teaser, tester gets dog's attention & throws teaser short distance away.
                                                  Note: roll teaser  with younger puppies.
        Excellent:  Puppy runs to teaser and immediately snatches up, perhaps shaking to "kill" it.
        Okay:  Puppy runs to teaser and checks it out. May pick up toy if thrown repeatedly.
        Indifferent:  Puppy doesn't run to teaser or shows no interest.
  TEST 2  Retrieve    After puppy gets teaser, tester encourages puppy to bring back by jogging backwards and calling.
        Excellent:  Immediately brings back and spits out toy for more play.
        Okay:  Brings back but doesn't give up toy.
        Okay: Brings back but darts out of reach, wanting you to chase.
        Indifferent:  Doesn't bring back.
  TEST 3  Hunt Drive (Persistence)    Hide teaser under foot or in hands (just barely showing) & encourage pup to find.
        Excellent:  Digs, mouths, and whines for toy.
        Okay:  Nudges and uses paws for toy.
        Indifferent:  Tries halfheartedly or not at all.
  TEST 4  Tug Response    Using towel, booda, or rag, tease puppy and allow to grab.
        Excellent:  Immediately grabs and tugs vigorously.
        Okay:  Grabs with repeated teasing and/or encouragement, lets go.
        Indifferent:  Grabs only if repeatedly teased. Won't hold on.
  TEST 5 (P&S)  Possessiveness    Tester lets go of tug while in puppy's mouth.
        Excellent:  Shakes toy to "kill" it, tries to engage tester to play again.
        Excellent:  Shakes toy to "kill" it, runs away with toy.
        Okay:  Runs away with toy, drops soon after.
        Indifferent:   Drops immediately.
  TEST 6 (pups 3 mths & under)  Follow    Tester calls puppy and jogs backwards while clapping softly.
(pups over 3 months)    Follow    Helper restrains dog while tester jogs backwards & calls dog's name 1 time.
        Excellent:  Runs to tester, ramming shoulder into tester's leg or jumping up.
        Excellent:  Runs to tester and solicits affection.
        Okay:  Jogs to tester, nudging or looking for attention.
        Indifferent:  Jogs to tester and leaves, or doesn't come at all.
  TEST 7  Attention Span    Using age appropriate teaser, get dog's attention and bring teaser to tester's face level.
                                                            Use teaser sparingly to maintain eye/facial contact with puppy for 30 seconds.
        Excellent:  Willingly looks at tester's face and toy for duration. Cocks head to listen.
        Excellent:  Watches tester for duration, looking away briefly if background distractions interfere.
        Okay:  Watches tester but needs to be re-engaged a few times.
        Indifferent:   Easily distracted or unwilling to look at tester's face.